Engineering Services:

Geotechnical and Foundation Evaluations

Pavement Evaluation and Design

Field Monitoring and Inspections

Evaluations of Failed Structures


Laboratory Services:

Soil Testing
            soil grain size analysis

            aggregate analysis
            compaction tests
            Atterberg limits test
            California bearing ratio (CBR) tests
            triaxial shear tests (UU, CU, CD)
            consolidation tests
            shrink/swell tests
            soil suction tests (using Decagon WP4-T Dewpoint Potentiameter)
            permeability test (ASTM D5084, 2434)
            resilient modulus tests

Concrete Mix Design and Testing

Asphalt Mix Design and Testing


Field Services:

Complete Quality Control Construction Monitoring and Testing
            site earthwork monitoring
            foundation construction monitoring
            field density tests
            plate bearing tests
            California bearing ratio (CBR) tests
            soil resistivity tests
            concrete sampling and testing (field and plant control)
            asphalt sampling and testing (field and plant control)
            roofing analysis and monitoring services
            structural steel inspection
            welding inspection and testing (PT, MT and visual)
            sprayed fire resistive material sampling and testing

Drilling and Coring Services

            split spoon and Shelby tube sampling
            rock coring
            concrete coring
            mineral investigation
            borrow pit investigation
            well monitoring
            all-terrain drilling capabilities

Complete Geotechnical Services

IBC Special Inspection Services

Environmental Services:

Environmental Site Assessments

Landfill Groundwater Monitoring

Explosive Gas Monitoring

NPDES and SID sampling and testing

Municipal Drinking Water Sampling and Testing

Erosion and Sediment Control and Assessments